Non-Profit Insurance

Non-Profit Organizations are the backbone of many communities. They provide vital and valuable resources and services beyond the scope of traditional businesses and organizations.  The insurance industry recognizes the unique operations of non-profit organizations and has specific programs and policies that are designed to protect and support these various services.  At Lautenbach Insurance Agency, we will work with you to understand the essential functions and operations of your organization in order to know what carrier to place you with and which policies to write. In this way we can support and be a part of the incredible and good work you do in the community. 

We serve a wide array of non-profit organizations:

-Arts, Cultural, Museums

-Religious Organizations


-Social and Civic Clubs

-Food Banks and Food Distribution

-Services for the Developmentally Disabled Individuals

-Community Groups

-Day Care

 -Counseling Services

-Pregnancy Resource Centers

-Residential & Outpatient Support Centers & Services

-And many more

We have partnered with carriers that provide a full range of special insurance coverages for the non-profit sector as defined under IRS Code 501 (c)(3). Some common coverages are:

                -General Liability

                -Directors and Officers Liability

                -Professional Liability

                -Errors and Omission Liability

                -Umbrella/Excess Liability

                -Employment Practices Liability

                -Sexual Misconduct/Abuse and Molestation Liability



                -Crime and Fidelity

                -Cyber Liability

                -Workers Compensation

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