Between Two Agents

Welcome to our video series where we discuss topics that are relevant in our industry that will help keep you and/or your business informed.

Between Two Agents Introduction 

An introduction to our "Between Two Agents" video series where we discuss the different aspects of understanding insurance and financial planning.

Between Two Agents: Agency History

A brief glimpse into the history of how we founded the Lautenbach Insurance Agency, how we cultivated an atmosphere for learning and success, and the difficulties along the way.

Between Two Agents: Non-Profits

What is it like working with non-profit agencies? How do these sorts of things impact community involvement, and what sorts of challenges can you expect?

Between Two Agents: Personal Cyber Security Awareness

In this video we take a look into the necessary requirements for cyber security. As an ever expanding field, cyber liability has become important not just for large companies, but individuals as well. What does cyber liability insurance cover? How can it help? Take a look at some of our answers!

Between Two Agents: Commercial Cyber Security

The challenge of running a company has evolved from the basic needs of workers compensation insurance and group health, and now cyber security and protecting your digital assets are equally as valuable. Take a look at some of our thoughts on getting proper commercial cyber security.

Between Two Agents: Home Replacement Cost

One of the biggest changes to the insurance market these days is the cost of home insurance and the cost of home replacement. Whether it's repairs, roofing, flooring, or a myriad of planned upgrades, there is always a cost associated with anything replaced in the home. In this video, we discuss some of the basic things you'll need to know. 

Between Two Agents: Commercial Replacement Cost

Discover the importance of commercial replacement cost and how it can safeguard your business investments. Learn more about commercial replacement cost insurance and why it's crucial for protecting your assets in the event of unforeseen damage or loss.

Between Two Agents: Wildfire Preparedness Tips

Ensure your property's safety with effective wildfire preparedness strategies. Explore the essential steps to protect your home and valuable assets from the devastating effects of wildfires, and learn how wildfire preparedness can provide peace of mind during fire-prone seasons.

Between Two Agents: App Introduction

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